Monday, June 18, 2012

Dirty Dogs And Unmarked Papers

Days can so easily go by without thinking too much about their contents.  If I wasn't forced to think about what to write about, I probably wouldn't have noticed what an odd little collection of things my to-do list consisted of.  I mean - the things themselves are not odd, but their juxtaposition in terms of a set of events occurring in a single day is odd.

Like for instance - on a less oddly juxtaposed (that's twice I've used that word, if you're counting) day, one might vacuum the floor and do laundry.  Or bake a pie for a potluck and then attend said potluck.  Or watch 6 or 7 movies in a row.  Or Pride & Prejudice (the 6 part BBC mini-series starring Colin *drool* Firth) once or twice.

And then on the other hand you might have a day like I've had today.

I stayed in bed and watched an hour-long video about harassment policies within the Free Thought movement.  For no real reason other than it was there and available for watching and things available for watching are always first on my to-do lists.  Then I walked the dog to the library and picked up a book I had on hold.  Then we walked to the off-leash park and this happened:

Filthy Dog

Filthy dog wearing expression of "What?"

Call me a push-over, but I cannot deny this creature the intense pleasure that she so clearly gains from putting her face and body in the mud.

So then the fourth thing I did today was wash the dog.  Luckily our doggy daycare, Zoomies, has a U-Wash station so it was relatively painless and now she smells like coconut instead of dog park muck.

THEN I spent an hour or two scouring the web for ESL learning websites for work.

And NOW I'm forced to choose between this:
Horrible pile of 75 unmarked lower-level Linguistics exams

And this:
Delicious merino/cashmere/silk blend slowly taking the form of a wedding shrug
I lead a hard life.

So let's recap:

1 - Random internet video
2 - Library
3 - Dog park and mud incident
4 - Washing of dog
5 - Find online phrasal verb and English vocab quizzes and neatly organize into spreadsheet
6 - Write blog post about relatively interesting day
7 - Realize that, after writing about it, nothing that happened was all that out of the ordinary
8 - Determine to post anyway
9 - Work on wedding shrug
10 - Waste time
11 - Mark papers


  1. beautiful knitting Lindsay!!!! I tried knitting once...catastrophe

  2. Thanks Nat! I'm hoping it will fit well - it's really my first attempt at a really closely fitting garment so we'll see how it turns out. I'm paying attention to things like gauge and measurements and such so I hope it won't be too ugly. You should give knitting another try! It just takes practice :D