Friday, June 22, 2012

Zucchini, Curry and Easter Candy

So - Grad school is busy!  I'm avoiding marking again.  But I'm not being totally unproductive. I'm making a curried zucchini soup courtesy of Martha Stewart's recipe inventing staff.  It smells super good, so I'm hoping it'll taste that good too.

I also finished off the last of my fiance's Easter candy.  Honestly, what kind of person leaves chocolate for MONTHS!  I have to buy a new bar every week to satiate my choco-hunger.  Which is why I had to eat his in the end - I had run out.

In KAL news, I ordered my yarn online.  Not from a yarn store, but from someone's stash on Ravelry.  Any knitters out there who haven't heard of it (I almost don't believe you exist) should check it out.  We're talking free patterns up the wazoo, tips, articles and a fantastic knitting community.  It really is like a knitter's paradise.  As much as a website can be paradisicle.  My browser is telling me that's not a word.

And anyways - apparently, people have yarn for sale and trade.  This particular seller is located way out in Eastern Canada so the shipping was a bit on the expensive side, but in the end it cost me less than new yarn.  And here's hoping she is legit.  Fingers crossed, right?

And I know the knitters among you are dying to know:

Cascade Eco + in Purple Jewel
This just in:  The seller sent me a Canada Post tracking number.  My yarn is currently in Montreal!  Seems she wasn't in it to dick me out of $37 afterall.  Who knew.

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