Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Year Late And A Dollar Short

Holy smokes it's been a whole year since I blogged anything!  I am a terrible blogger.

Here's a quick update:

I'm no longer crafting for money.  It's too hard!  And I wanted to make the things I wanted to make, while everyone else wanted me to make them something they wanted me to make.  It was just not working out.  Plus I felt cheap writing about booties on my blog.  I'd rather just complain.

What else . . . oh we finally got a puppy!  Her name is Mili and she is from India.  Here is a photo:

Me and Mili

She's not actually that small anymore, but still cuter than a button.  She's been a lot of fun and we love her to bits.

I finished a year of grad school already and now I am getting ready to start my thesis and hopefully graduate next spring.

I'm getting married in October to the guy in the Cthulhu mask.

And the whole reason I'm back here is that I joined my first ever Knit Along!  I'm going to make this lovely sweater:

The KAL is being run by Shannon over at  Join if you're inclined - or follow me in my sweater adventures.  Or both!

I guess that's it for an update.

Oh - Also, check out my friend Dot's website Busted Button if you like out of the ordinary commentary and crafting.


  1. So glad you are back! Your puppy is so cute too.

  2. Hi Julia! Thanks for coming back to read after so much time. I'm glad to be back! And super excited about this knit along. I'll be posting about my current project later today, too!