Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fingers Crossed . . .

Well - I've been away for a while.  Too long.

Mostly because I've been working on this new project.  My boyfriend and I have been looking for a dog for a few months now and for the past week or so we've been going through the adoption process for this Formosan Mountain Dog currently named "Sam" or "Sitka", depending on who you ask.

And what a process its been!  Which is why I've been AWOL - it has pretty much been taking up all of my time and mental energy and I haven't been feeling up to writing anything - until now.

This morning we met with a volunteer from the organization - The Penny Foundation - and it sounds like it's all good to go.  So without getting my hopes up too much, as far as I can tell we'll be taking home our new family member on Wednesday. 

So wish us luck!

And help us find a name!  Because honestly, we don't care for either of her current names.  Here she is:

I'm thinking Suki. 


  1. Oh, how cute is that! Suki sounds just about as cute as she is. Good luck with her.

  2. She's gorgeous! Suki is a lovely name. :)

  3. Suki is such a cute name! But if I ever had a dog, I'd name HIM Tiger.

  4. Thanks guys! I'm so excited to bring her home, I can barely sleep :D