Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Woe Is Me

First of all, let me all remind you that I'm still sick.  I think it's the flu or strep throat or something because I don't have any cold symptoms.  Just a sore throat, achy muscles and a mild fever.  It's really the achy muscles that's getting me though.

Anyways, I hope you will all pity me.

And this whole dog adoption thing is turning me into a ball of stress.  I don't want to get into too many details here, but I'm honestly completely exhausted with this whole process and I'm soured to the point where I don't think I will adopt a dog again. 

While there is definitely something to be said for adopting an older dog who's already trained, I honestly think it would be easier and less stressful to buy a puppy from a breeder and spend a year training it and then another year going through the adolescent phase.

Sorry for the downer.  I'm hoping that all will go as planned tomorrow and I won't be sick and then you can all enjoy the fabulous photos of our new pup and I will be back to my cheery old self.

In the mean time.  Humbug!

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