Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday's Blog - During Which We Learn That The Dipstick Saga Has Concluded

So, I thought yesterday would be a wash because I was in one of those moods.  But it ended up being rather productive!  The dipstick saga came to an end.  Which was both a relief and a bit sad because I was starting to really enjoy calling the mechanic every other day.  Or maybe I wasn't.

Also!  I bought 4 new ties for making bracelets.  The Sally Ann had a whole bunch this time and even though I usually don't shop there for reasons I won't get into, I couldn't pass them up.  Don't you agree they are fabulous?:

And today is beautiful and sunny and I'm in a great mood despite a terrible sleep.  Can't wait to get crafting.

I added a new bracelet to my shop as well.  Here's a link:

Visit Listing

Also, for all you crocheters out there - I found this tutorial for adding a bit of spice to your designs:

Have a wonderful Friday!

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