Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Laziness Catches Up

I knew this day would come.  The day when I'm sitting on the couch staring at the beautiful sunshiney day outside the window and doing nothing about it.  At this point it has become clear that it is not possible for me to be productive, every day for an extended period of time if I have no real obligations. 

So I'm resorting to Facebook polls.  That's right - if you go over and "Like" my Facebook page Reeja Roo's Fibreworks, you can vote on what you think I should spend my day doing.

It may be a cop out - but without some motivation from others, perhaps I can get a project finished today!  Or at least go outside for once.


  1. I'm having a similar problem; plenty of time to work but am being totally lazy and unproductive. Time to start making some to-do lists!

  2. Haha - good idea! I always keep mental to-do lists, but the problem with that is that it's much easier to dismiss a thought than it is an actual physical list.