Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mediocrity's Mistress

So there are a lot of things I'm good at.  I am pretty much an expert at recognizing an individual with Asperger Syndrome - in fact I find I have a really special connection with any person exhibiting significant difficulties in social interaction.  It's a gift really.

I'm also getting really great at killing plants.  I can see at least 2 dead or dying plants from my seat on the couch right this minute.  And I know for a fact that there is a balcony full of plant skeletons and herbal remains just out of my line of sight.

I can ignore a mess for weeks or even months to the point where it ceases to be mess and becomes part of the decor.

I have a knack for purchasing items I will never use.

Need somebody to bring up the rear or come in dead last?  I'm your man.  Woman.

But every mediocrity needs to be good at something.  Otherwise we would just be terribles.  And what I'm really good at is making things with my hands.  Design, not so much.  But I can follow a pattern like nobody's business and I think that's really something to be proud of.  I mean, there are plenty of people who can write music, but boy, to be able to read music?  I think that shows real musicianship.  And original artwork be damned - I'd like to see Picasso copy something.

So anyways, here I am with my talents trying to make something of myself - crocheting booties and beanies and warming hunks of Fimo under my bottom (because it makes it more pliable!).  Not to mention an Etsy page with 1 sale in 2010 and a sad, sad Facebook page with a whopping 27 "likes".

So . . . Can I trade the dead plant thing for marketing whiz?


  1. As the mother of an Autistic child (which is related to Asperger's), I think that your talent for including people who are different is more important in life than having an Etsy shop with 12,000 sales!

  2. Thank you so much for your comment! I do have a special spot in my heart for autistic individuals all along the spectrum - which isn't exactly lucrative - but is rewarding in its own right. Thanks again for your comment - it made my day :D

  3. haha! i'm a mediocrity queen too! A little bit good at a lot of things. However, I'm above average when it comes to marketing. I don't work for dead plants...but I will work for hugs! If you need help with it feel free to ask :P

  4. Aww, thanks Nat! Yes please, help me please! Also - are you SURE you don't want a dead plant? Did you see the photos? Did they not entice you?

  5. Hey sorry, apparently I didn't "check back". Is there a way to set it up so it emails me when people reply?

    Is there green on the plant still? As my brother says - if it's got some green it's salvageable! hahahaha. He totally resurrected a completely destroyed parsley plant I had. He must have "the touch".

    As for marketing help....if you're serious I'm totally willing to give you some ideas and stuff. I haven't really done a lot of internet marketing, though...could be interesting!