Thursday, May 5, 2011

Meetings And Odors

Meetings really interrupt my flow.  Normally I'm up around 8:00 and I start crafting or blogging or photographing right away.  I don't even bother getting dressed!

But on those days where I have to go to a meeting - I become very sloth-like.  Sure I take the time to put clothes on, and I actually get outside for once, but once I return home I feel very disinclined to do any sort of work.  Any sort of thing.

Today was a bit different.  I went to my meeting.  It was pretty much the same as it is every week.  And then I came home 4 hours later, fully intending to waste the rest of the day.  And not 6 seconds after opening the front door the smell hit me.


It's surprising how much odor can escape one little styrofoam platter left in a garbage pail over night, but there it was.  And my eyes watered.

Of course, a normal person would immediately dispose of the smelly trash.  But I had just returned from a meeting!

And so I stood in the kitchen, pinching my nose shut and thinking - for a good 2-3 minutes - about whether I could tolerate the smell long enough for my boyfriend to get home and take the garbage out himself.

In the end, I did it myself.  Not because the smell was really enough to overcome my laziness (very little is).  And certainly not to be a good girlfriend.  But because people judge you when they come home to realize you've been sitting in a stinky apartment all afternoon and only because you were too much of a bum to take a revolting sack of garbage down to the disposal.

And I really wasn't in the mood for judgment.


  1. I just wanted to stop by and tell you thanks! For visiting my blog and leaving comments! It really does make my day and mean alot to me!
    Funny story about the fish! LOL!

  2. Of course! And thank you for returning the favor :)